THE TALK: Embrace the Sacred GiftBirdsOnBranch

It’s not just about sex and anatomy.

It’s about discipleship and relationship too.

In this 3 1/2 hour interactive workshop, parents are equipped, encouraged, and empowered to make “the talk” a conversation about the sacred gift, sex, God gives to a husband and wife. The once awkward talk can become part of a family’s discipleship and celebration of marriage between a man and woman.


“As our son is getting older, I’ve known we would need to talk more with him about sex.  But that made me nervous–I don’t have a lot of models for how to do this well.  But I’m also aware that our son will get a lot of dysfunctional messages about sex at school, etc and so it’s important to me to overcome my nervousness to be able to have open and shame free conversation with him as he grows up. This workshop gave me some perspectives and resources.  Ellen helped me feel empowered.  Thank you!”

“THE TALK: Embrace the Sacred Gift” was so helpful for me. Ellen made the topic more of a daily opportunity than an intimidating, uneasy conversation. I am beginning to look for every day opportunities to explain love in the context of relationship, use simple anatomically correct terms, discuss gender orientation, and so much more. I want my kids to enter marriage with a healthy perspective on sex in relationship, not warped by our culture or shamed by church teaching. Thank you Ellen for making THE TALK more approachable for me.”

My 2018 calendar still has a few dates available. Use the form below if you would like to know more.