LET’s TALK about “THE TALK.”

I know. It’s like going to the dentist. We know we need to, but most of don’t want to.

In 2012, I wrote “How to Teach Your Kids About Sexuality: A Much Needed Conversation” to encourage families to make the talk a conversation in their home.

When our nation officially shifted the definition of marriage the summer of 2015, I wrote “The Longing for Sexual Teaching in the Church.”

April 2016, “THE TALK: Embrace the Sacred Gift” launched. In this 3 ½ hour workshop, God is doing something.

WHAT WE TALK ABOUT AT “THE TALK: Embrace the Sacred Gift.”

Do you want to talk with your kids about sex, but don’t know how? THE TALK is for you.

When should you have “the talk”? Research tells us the sooner the better, but it’s never too late. I began the conversation with my kids in infancy. It continues to this day. The workshop is filled with lots of examples and tips for talking with kids at different ages.

What kind of language is appropriate and helpful? Words matter. THE TALK invites you to determine the language that works best for your family.

What does God say about our bodies and sexual intimacy between husband and wife? That’s where THE TALK begins.

Do you want simple language to talk about complicated issues like LGBTQ? Sexual identity vs. Gender?  THE TALK offers that through examples, interactive conversation, role play scenarios, and open question and answer.

And how do we answer our kids’ questions? Four effective steps are presented as a guide for any hard conversation.

THE TALK: Embrace the Sacred Gift is not really about sex and anatomy at all. It is about empowerment for family conversations and discipleship for each of us to be the person God created us to be.

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WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING about “THE TALK: Embrace the Sacred Gift”

“Laying a simple foundation, layer by layer over time, …has made it so much easier to walk through the tough topics when they come up (homosexuality, trans-sexuality, etc.). I just wish we’d taken The Talk seminar earlier!”

 The Talk has the potential to positively transform the lives of so many, both children and the families that love them at a time when the world at large makes it so difficult for Christians to choose a different path from secular society.”

“I have 6 kids and 2 soon to be foster kids ages 9-18 and although we have been purposely open in talking about sex with our kids we found this talk INCREDIBLY helpful and truly a joy to attend. We learned so much. I felt like Ellen gave us new ideas and ways to talk to our kids about the gift of sex and how to communicate with them better in general.”

 “We went to this and learned so much about how to talk to our kids about these things in an everyday, healthy way. It was encouraging to hear about the importance of conveying sex as a gift from God rather than the way our culture has distorted it for our children.”

 “I love how down to earth Ellen is and how much she shares from her own personal life. I especially appreciate her ability to meet her audience at all different levels and give us confidence for talking with our kids.”

The Talk is a great investment for parents. Our kids are bombarded by messages about sex—many of which are destructive. It’s important that we as parents make space for our kids and share truth in love. Ellen’s workshop helps to re-frame these ongoing conversations in light of God’s perfect design, empowered by practical resources. Reserve your spot at her next workshop today.”