Parents want to share life with their kids, but it is not easy with hectic schedules and life’s demands. This new release offers vision and insight on how to have meaningful conversations through the busyness of life, questions for transformation, suggestions for action, and grace for every parent.

For some, this book offers a whole new way of being with your kids.

For others, this book celebrates what you already do and equips you with new tools.


“We can live in the same house, yet never share life because the demands of life consume us. I know because I have lived this way. Sometimes I still do. A Life Shared: Meaningful Conversations with Our Kids was written to empower parents to make the shift from life with our kids, to life shared with our kids through conversation.”

Written with a Registered Play Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the book is ready for anyone to lead a small group.

A Life Shared Front Cover


“When I need parenting advice, I call Ellen! I genuinely believe others can benefit from her wisdom and experience too.” – Sharon Bryant, LMFT and RPT

“Ellen Martin, invites us to discover and develop the art of conversation with our children.  Written in an engaging, down-to-earth way, rooted in deep wisdom, and packed with real-life examples, here is a book that will both instruct you how and inspire you to do it.  I believe reading it will change you and your family.” – Stephen A. Seamands, PhD,Asbury Theological Seminary

“Excellent resource for parents, families, parishes, small groups, and all faith communities.” – Mike Allen, M. Div., D. Min., Director of Family Life and Evangelization

“The book that helps you have conversations with your kids, so they will have conversations with you for the rest of their lives.” – my 13-year-old-son