Kids melt-down while shopping.

You yell at the kids.

Teenagers have temper tantrums.

Everyone has bad moments.

On days when the kids are home all day, some mornings are rough. The hardest part is you still have the rest of the day ahead. If nothing changes, a bad morning becomes a long bad day.

One day like that, I tried something new.

“We’ve had a bad morning, but we can still have a good day.”

Soon after one of the kids prayed this prayer often. “Jesus, we didn’t have a good morning, but thank you it was a good day.”

When my dad was dying, lung cancer, I had a lot of bad moments.

I remember an errand to Dollar General. I don’t know which kids were with me, but it was at least three. I don’t remember what happened, but I’ll never forget the cashier looking at me with raised eyebrows like so many had before,

“Hope you have a better day.” All she saw was the moment with squirrel-ly young kids done with the errand.

“Oh this. This is just a moment. We’ll have a good day,” I replied.

She was surprised, “Yeah. It is just a moment.”

“Just a moment” is a game changer.

Bad moments happen to all of us. A moment. Five minutes, one hour, or even hours, do not have to define our day.

There are days when you just hope things don’t get worse. I’ve had days like that, but those are the exception, not the rule.

You have a bad moment. Deal with the moment.

  • Name it for what it is. No silver lining. Just what it is.
  • Address any responsibility you have for it.
  • Confession if you sinned.
  • Forgiveness given or received as needed.

Confession and forgiveness set us free from the condemnation of our own expectations to perform, to get it right. They open us up to the empowered grace of God.

  • Live into the reality Jesus spoke on the cross, “It is finished.”
  • Then move on. Shift gears with Jesus.

It’s a change. Change isn’t smooth or seamless. It’s jagged and messy, but so worth it and His grace carries us through it.

Next time you have a bad moment, shift gears with Jesus. Ask Him for a good day in your mind and heart.

Walk with Him from bad moment to good day. It’s a game-changer friends. It’s empowered grace, not expected performance.

Jesus, oh how we need you to save us from bad moments! We want to live into the joy and freedom You have for us. Help us shift gears from bad moment to good day.

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