A Life Shared with Kids is a resource and support for parents and others who share life with kids. You will find encouragement and practical support to actively love the kids in your life. That’s my goal. I hope it’s your experience.

I am a mom of five boys. Yes, five BOYS. I love supporting parents and sometimes helping parents see their kids in a new light. People do that for me sometimes. It’s my joy to do the same for others.

I have two seminary degrees, Masters in Christian Education and Master of Divinity.

The last 13 years I have been home with the kids. I home-schooled for six years.

This space is the convergence of all the things God has ever invited me to give myself to. For a long time, none of it made since to me and sometimes those around me. A Life Shared with Kids, the book, the blog, the workshop, the podcast, make the past 20 years seem like a perfect design.

The BLOG will often be parenting material, but sometimes devotional. It could be marital from time to time because a happy husband and wife make for a happy mom and dad. I love the Christian calendar, so I will celebrate those times too. The posts will always center around Jesus whether His name is mentioned or not.

The BOOK is a dream come true. I have always loved talking with kids. As a former Children’s Pastor, children’s sermons were one of my favorites because I got to make “adult” things make sense to kids. With five kids of my own, I’ve had lots of conversations with kids, not just discipline and life management, but conversation.

The workshop is a passion I carried for years. After nearly a decade of being a person people asked questions about how to talk with kids about “sexual” things, it was time do more than answer a question here and there. Parents need support. I love being with them and seeing confidence take root. God made us to be husband and wife naked and unashamed. We can equip our kids to honor and embrace His sacred gift.

The podcast makes me nervous. It’s a new adventure, but by faith, I know it’s going to be great. It’s my way to connect with you like a “new school” radio show where you “call-in” and “take your call.” Check it out.

One last thing, you will notice there are very few images on this website. Mostly just words. That’s intentional. No family is picture perfect. I know too many who feel defeated and deflated over the images they see on Facebook and Pinterest. Here you find words to offer you life, not images that define expectations. Each family is their own. No image could ever do you the justice you merit. In the eyes of Jesus, we are are all precious, cherished. I hope you grow in that reality as you find yourself here in written word.

Thanks for being here. We are better together because we were made not to live isolated and divided, but together a life shared.


Ellen Martin

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